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So many questions...

If you have any questions about our Savings Manager then we're always happy to take your call or email, or just fill in a contact form. However to save you time, we've compiled a list of some of the questions we are often asked below.


What does it cost?

Pricing is on a subscription basis, based on the number of users. We keep our overheads low in order to remain extremely competitive and our customers find the benefits and efficiencies gained through using the Savings Manager far outweigh the cost. Our plans start at 10 users. Please contact us with your specific needs for a price.

What about set-up costs?

Getting the set-up right is an important step and typically we will discuss your specific savings tracking and reporting needs before configuring an environment that is optimised for your process and requirements. We use a simple Excel template to help capture the information we need from you. There is a nominal charge for this activity. We can also upload your historic project and savings data so you can be sure you won't lose any information when migrating from your existing spreadsheet or system.

Is training required?

The system is really easy to use, but for extra peace of mind we offer training both in person and via the web. Most clients opt for our 1 hour web training sessions which can be attended by as many people as you like. We'll tailor the training to your specific needs and processes, and when combined with our user guides, help videos and extensive help text, this is more than sufficient to get people up and running in the system.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely. We're happy to provide a demo and walk you through the Savings Manager so you can see how it would fit your organisation and savings reporting process. Following this, we can set you up with a no obligation 30 day free trial so you and your colleagues can explore the Savings Manager at your leisure before making any commitment.

How long does implementation take?

Implementation can take anything from one day to a few weeks. The key is how quickly you can provide us with the data we need to configure the system and if necessary migrate existing project & savings data. Once we have this information from you we can have the system ready to use within 3 working days and then all that remains is training and communication.

Is there a minimum subscription term?

Our standard pricing is based on a 2 year commitment, but we're willing to discuss this based on your circumstances.


Do I need to install or download anything?

No, the Savings Manager is a cloud-based system. This means it is hosted on our secure servers and is available from any on-line device via a secure log in in any major browser. We support IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

How secure is this?

Naturally security of data is a key priority for us and we use the latest technologies and processes to ensure that we protect our customers' data. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, including our back-ups. We use two of the most recognised hosting companies in the world to host our data and manage the infrastructure and we are fully compliant with EU GDPR regulations.

What about updates, support and maintenance?

This is included in the subscription cost. As a cloud based solution, all updates are immediately available to all users. We do of course discuss any major updates with our customers prior to their release and ensure they understand any new features.

Can we transfer historic & current data from an existing system or spreadsheet?

Yes, absolutely. It's your choice whether you start afresh or upload all your existing savings projects into the Savings Manager. We provide an Excel template for you to complete, we discuss and agree exactly how the fields should be mapped and then we import this data for you. For some clients we have uploaded thousands of completed and ongoing projects prior to them going live, meaning there is no need to wait until the start of your savings year to upgrade to the system.

Can we request specific updates?

Yes! The Savings Manager is an evolving tool and we love to get feedback from our customers on any changes that would improve their experience. Our customers’ needs shape the development of the Savings Manager. We pride ourselves on our agility and can often implement changes in a matter of days.

My company is nervous about solutions in the cloud. Can we host the Savings Manager locally?

We are not able to offer the Savings Manager as a customer-hosted application, however we can host the data either in Europe or in the USA depending on your preference. We are happy to discuss with your IT department to allay any concerns.

Can the Savings Manager take feeds from other tools?

Yes, we're always willing to hear suggestions for where it would make sense to pull data from or push data to other tools via an automated or semi-automated process. This may require some development, but if it makes using our system easier, we are certainly interested.


What are the advantages over using Excel / Access?

There are many advantages. Firstly, version control and keeping data clean can be an issue when many users have access to a spreadsheet, even with locked cells and when installed on a SharePoint type drive. While outstanding business tools, Excel and Access have their limitations when dealing with multi-dimensional savings models, especially in a multi-user environment. Most importantly, our Savings Manager is easier to use than either Excel or Access, has been built specifically for its purpose, and has richer functionality including workflow and approvals.

Why shouldn't I just develop something in-house?

Of course it's possible to develop a bespoke tool in-house, however there are many reasons why using an off-the-shelf cloud based solution is preferable. These reasons include Time - our system can be configured and ready to use in hours rather than weeks & months, Quality - there has been significantly more cost and time invested in the development of our Savings Manager than most organisations could hope to do with an in-house solution, the result being a robust and stable system with a great user interface and a huge amount of functionality, No Ongoing Maintenance - no concerns about keeping the system functioning or upgrading, we will do all this for you, and finally Best Practice - our vast experience of tracking savings across many different types of organisations means we can bring the best of that experience into one solution, providing you with the benefit of this best practice wrapped in a neat technology package.

What are the advantages over using a supplier that provides a full suite of procurement software?

Certainly for large organisations there is an attraction of using a single vendor to provide a full suite of procurement software. However there are also several disadvantages to this approach. Firstly, there are very few suppliers who truly provide this so choice is limited. Secondly individual applications in a suite are rarely “best-of-breed”, and that's certainly the case with savings tracking. Thirdly, very few suites are truly integrated (they have often grown through acquisition) and often there is very little actual data transfer between one application and another. Fourthly, suites are usually not as cost effective. We believe our focus on this one niche enables us to provide a best-in-class tool at an extremely competitive price backed up by outstanding service.

I’ve experienced a lot of procurement technology that is a pain to use. Is this any better?

So have we! Our system has been designed and tested by procurement professionals with many years of experience in using procurement technology, from ERP & P2P systems through to eRFX platforms. We have worked hard to eradicate repeat tasks, minimise the number of clicks and make the user experience as pleasant as possible. We recognise that a tool like this only works if people want to use it. We believe it’s extremely user friendly, and that's also what our customers tell us, but don’t take our word for it. Arrange for a demo and free trial so you can judge for yourself.

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