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The Procurement Savings Management Software

Manage your procurement cost reduction programmes
manage end to end procurement savings process

Feed the procurement savings pipeline

Break free from your Excel savings tracker

Admin burden, mistakes, and over reliance on the person that built the spreadsheet make Excel unworkable with a dispersed procurement team

Standardise your process
for procurement savings

Rollout cost reduction processes, standardise savings methodology, implement validation and savings approval workflow

Deliver cost savings your CFO believes and trusts

Increase your realised procurement savings with full programme visibility, pro-active tracking, live reporting, and cross-organisation buy-in

Benefits of Provalido savings manager

Maximise your procurement savings

Saving Manager Features

Savings Pipeline

Capture all your procurement savings initiatives
and cost reduction opportunities

Build up your cost reduction programme with ideas from your team across your organisation.


The savings process begins with logging savings opportunities and projects from regular procurement activities such as spend analysis, opportunity assessments, contract management, category planning and supplier relationship management.

It takes just a few moments to capture a savings idea, and make a first forecast of the saving potential.  

Project Plans

procurement saving activity

Forecast your procurement savings
and plan key cost reduction activities 

As your savings ideas progress to become projects you can plan in more detail.

  • Identify key procurement activities and timescales

  • Apply savings methodologies 

  • Determine cost savings and benefit distribution by category, function or business unit

  • Create baseline and forecast savings profiles

  • Maintain a project version history as things change over time 


Approval and Workflow

Ensure all your savings are validated, realised and signed off

Credibility of procurement savings is a really important aspect of running a cost reduction programme. 

Setting up approval and workflow processes that match how your organisation operates is key to driving the savings process, ensuring savings are realised and sustained, and maximising the procurement savings potential.

Measure, Track & Report

Monitor your procurement performance
and track KPI with live reports

Measurement is motivation. Having live, up-to-date reports of procurement performance, visible for the whole procurement team to view at any time is a great catalyst to maximising your saving potential.


Using a centralised system, with ongoing project updates makes reporting available on a constantly live basis.


Configure personalised views, custom reports and bespoke dashboards. 


"I get real-time procurement performance reports"

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Procurement cost reduction project management software
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