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Provalido. Procurement performance software.

Move beyond spreadsheets and showcase procurement's true value, from ideas to delivered benefits.

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Easy to use

Designed by procurement professionals, it's easy to just pick up and start using.

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Quick to implement

Get up and running in days with your existing data in a fully tailored system.

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Fully flexible

Fully configurable to fit your cost reduction process and organisation structure.

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Provalido Insights:
Financial Benefit Types

Know your cost reduction from your cost avoidance? Is cost avoidance even a real saving? Our report explains the 16 different types of financial value that procurement can deliver and analyses their use in our platform.

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See how it works:

Generate ideas

Enter ideas for cost reduction or other added value into Provalido. Collaborate with stakeholders or suppliers if you wish. Start the procurement savings tracking process.

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"Great idea Mike, let's give it a go!"
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Feed the funnel

Once an idea is verified, convert this to a project and build a funnel, or pipeline, of savings opportunity. Organisation or personal targets can also be entered.

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Manage initiatives

Provalido contains several project management tools to keep you in control - project plans, checklists, custom fields, as well as numerous workflow controls.

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Update project plan
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Get approval

Provalido allows you to submit projects for approval at the appropriate stages. This could be procurement, finance or stakeholder approval. It's up to you.

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Project approved
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Report the benefits

Our powerful reporting engine allows you to build, save and share reports and dashboards, providing instant insight and showcasing your performance.

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Analysing results
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Schedule a live demo

In just 30 minutes, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the system and have the opportunity to address any questions you may have.

Watch a demo

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