Who Benefits?

Maybe it's obvious that there must be a better way to manage and report procurement performance than by using spreadsheets, but who really benefits from using our Savings Manager? Here are some of the ways that it meets the needs of different people in the organisation.

"I'd like a real-time high-level view of how my team is delivering value against target with the ability to quickly drill-down if needed."

The Savings Manager provides this with its configurable and dynamic dashboards. Data can be automatically pulled into existing Business Intelligence systems if preferred.


"I'd need an auditable trail from initial forecast to delivered saving with full change history and approvals at key milestones."

With its change-logging process and approval-based workflow, the Savings Manager can be controlled as tightly as you wish. 


"I'd like to spend less time merging, correcting and chasing for data and more time doing meaningful analysis."

The Savings Manager prompts users to update projects and eliminates the need to merge different sources of data for monthly analysis. Reports can be quickly configured, saved and shared.

The Analyst

"As well as managing my own projects I want to know about any project in my organisation that someone is running on my category."

Set the Savings Manager to notify and add selected to users to any project linked to specified categories or organisations. If required, give them approval rights at key milestones.

The Global Category Manager

"I'd like a system that's easy to use where I can quickly enter and update my savings numbers to show the value I'm delivering."

Our system is super-easy to use and highly reliable. Any number of users can access it at the same time, so no more waiting for someone else to save their changes.

The Buyer

"It would be great if I could see how Procurement is helping me with my spend and be able to contribute to projects when needed."

Invite key stakeholders, to view, comment on or approve projects as appropriate. Provide the organisation with a robust and transparent summary of the value being delivered by Procurement.

The Stakeholder


"I'd like a system that requires no IT resource to implement, is highly secure and links to our existing Single-Sign-On."

Being cloud-based, no internal IT resource is required to get our Savings Manager up and running. The system and our processes are fully compliant with GDPR laws and we provide SSO as well as API links to other tools as needed.

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