After 20 years’ experience working in the UK and USA as a procurement practitioner, consultant and outsource provider, Paul Gurr, our Managing Director, founded Provalido in 2013 with the aim of developing an on-line tool that would help organisations plan, manage and report on their cost reduction activity, having recognised the need for such a tool in several places he had worked. Our solution was developed according to the following principles:

  • EASY to learn and use (just pick up and go).

  • FLEXIBLE enough to fit different organisations' needs and processes. Everyone reports savings in a different way.

  • COST EFFICIENT for organisations versus the alternatives (usually spreadsheets, an in-house built & maintained database, or a module of a larger procurement suite).

  • BEST IN CLASS. Savings & Project Tracking is all we do, so we should provide the best tool for doing this.

The result is the Provalido Savings Tracker, now in its fifth version. We believe that these criteria have been met but we would like you to judge for yourself.

The name Provalido is derived from the words "procurement validation". Today’s technology enables us to operate as a global company, servicing our customers, who are spread across 6 continents, from our locations in Swindon, England and Glasgow, Scotland. As an agile young company fully focused on this niche, we are able to complement our class-leading software with superb service and are constantly looking for ways to make our offering even better.