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Manage your procurement cost reduction portfolio

Procurement saving pipeline and cost reduction opportunities
procurement savings projects and planning
realised procurement savings
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Provalido is a best-of-breed cloud-based procurement management solution designed and built specifically for the planning and management of procurement savings and cost reduction programmes.


A solution conceived by a procurement expert with 20 years experience of running cost reduction projects while trying to manage using overly complex Excel spreadsheets. Provalido is fast to implement, simple to use, and ready to drive your savings targets.

Best of breed procurement software

Features of our procurement savings software

  • Initial project creation in moments

  • Multiple types of savings projects

  • Simple intuitive project interface

procurement savings project creation
Expand savings ideas with a variety of optional project details
  • Split cost savings across any number of categories, organisations, savings and spend types

  • Any number of custom fields

  • Blue, red, amber, green project health flag

  • Savings probability, cost of change, market adjustment

  • Assign editing rights manually or automatically

  • Create and manage non-savings procurement projects

  • Create and manage sustainability projects (coming soon)

Procurement Savings Project Creation

Progress project ideas from your savings pipeline through to to fully planned projects with apportioned savings profiles
compare features to per angusta
  • Initial project creation in moments

  • Multiple types of savings projects

  • Simple intuitive project interface

procurement savings programme
cost savings programme management
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Savings Project Execution

Easy-to-use project planning features help to drive the procurement saving process through workflow and deliver on-time approved savings 
savings plan gantt chart
procurement savings MS project plan
  • Create project plans and gantt charts

  • Auto-create plans from templates

  • Link tasks to project stages

  • Assign tasks to your colleagues

  • Savings approvals and workflow

  • System generated reminders of pending or overdue tasks

  • Project Charter Reports to eliminate the need to copy project data into slides for presentations (coming soon)

  • Project checklists to capture broader project information if required (coming soon)

  • Manage projects centrally or delegate to local managers

  • As many approval points as you need

  • Configure approval flow through one or many approvers based on project characteristics

  • Email notifications from the system

  • Ability to approve without needing to log in to the system

  • Set rules around what changes can be made at various project stages

  • Attach documents with supporting information for approvers

Savings Reports and Dashboards

Numerous standard and custom cost reduction reports to create your own savings focus
  • 10 standard report types

  • All reports configuable using time and content filters

  • Easy to build custom reports

  • Save favourite reports

  • Save reports with selected parameters/filters

  • Build personal focused dashboards

  • Share reports with other uses

  • Export reports for presentations

  • Save reports as hard copies

  • Create snapshots to enable reporting from previous points in time for comparison

  • Switch graphing types on reports

  • Pull data directly into existing BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau and QlikSense if preferred

Realised annual savings
Procurement savings report online tool
configurable procurement savings plan
Provalido beating competitor per angusta

Configuration and Customisation

Personalise the savings platform to suit your organisation
  • Add your own logo

  • Corporate colours

  • Custom project fields

  • Ongoing active product development based on user feedback

  • Configurable savings project statuses

  • Configurable approvers and workflow

  • Configurable currencies

  • Configurable project types

  • Configurable project plan templates

  • Upload your own multi-level category and organisation hierarchies

Data Import, export and integrations

Use data from and with your other processes and systems
  • Initial data load service if required

  • CSV report data downloads

  • PDF report downloads

  • Image downloads of chart for use in presentations

  • Existing API links to business intelligence systems

  • Custom data API development available (additional cost)

provalido data reports
Spend management software
Procurement Software for Performance Management
Strategic Sourcing Manager Workspace

Security and Privacy

As a procurement SaaS provider we are constantly being tested by corporate IT teams
  • Provalido is a cloud SaaS solution

  • Hosted in EU (on AWS private cloud)

  • Secure inbuilt sign-on process

  • Can be integrated with your corporate single sign-on (Exchange server, SAML)

  • You (your admistrator) can manage users and access levels

  • GDPR compliant

  • Annual security penetration testing

  • Separated data tennants

Organisations like yours reducing their procurement costs with Provalido
Procurement cost reduction project management software
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