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How Easy Can Implementation Be?

As well as reducing pricing dramatically, the rise of stand-alone, best-of-breed tools to strengthen procurement processes and improve efficiency has brought another key benefit - easy implementation.

Whenever we’re talking to potential customers, one question we’re always asked is “How easy / quick is it to implement?”. The answer is: “It’s very easy (you don’t need any involvement from IT on your end), and it’s very quick (you can be up and running in a fully configured environment in as little as one day)”. This is still a surprising answer to some, but it’s becoming increasingly normal for this kind of technology. Gone are the days of lengthy, complex and costly projects just to get the thing off the ground.

To give a real-life example, recently we were contacted on a Monday evening by an organisation who were looking for a more robust and efficient way of managing and reporting their savings than their current spreadsheet-based process. On the Tuesday we provided a demo of our system via a web meeting. On the Wednesday we discussed the data we needed to build and configure a tailored environment for them (their category taxonomy, organisation structure, savings types, approval rules etc). On the Friday we received their data, built and configured their environment, and provided access to their super-users to check everything out.

During the week after we conducted web-based training sessions for all their users and they were up and running in the Tracker, having taken a huge step forward from their spreadsheet process in just a handful of days.

So just because something falls into the ‘technology’ bracket, doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated to buy and implement. If you’d like to understand how our Tracker can help your procurement team manage its cost reduction activity in a more efficient way – just get in touch and arrange a demo. If you like what you see, you could be using it this time next week!

Case Study: Sapa takes its savings reporting to the next level with Provalido

Sapa’s central strategic procurement function had been closely tracking savings for many years, but they were increasingly aware that their spread-sheet based system for collating and reporting savings was becoming difficult to maintain and manage due to the sheer amount of data and number of users. A decision was made to find a new solution for tracking cost reduction projects and reporting savings that met the following basic criteria:

·       Cloud based (software as a service)

·       Simple to use

·       Ability to handle local and central projects

·       Approval functionality

·       Ability to handle 200+ users at 100+ sites globally

·       Capacity to handle 1,500+ projects per annum, plus the upload of historic data

·       Cost effective

Following a robust sourcing process, Sapa selected Provalido as their new savings tracking provider.

In order to fully meet Sapa’s specific requirements, in particular the ability to manage projects at a central level with approvals at a local level, some enhancements were required to the Provalido tool. A workshop was held to fully discuss and identify the best way to implement these requirements. At the same time an implementation plan was agreed. From start to finish, implementation was achieved in 7 weeks, which was exactly on plan. This included:

·       Coding, validating and testing the enhancements.

·       Uploading Sapa’s category hierarchy, organisational structure as well as data from over 1,500 historic projects into the Tracker.

·       Creating bespoke User Guides to match Sapa’s processes.

·       Conducting training for 200 users via 14 web-based training sessions

Sapa went live in January 2015, and in the first 3 months following implementation over 80% of the users were active in the system, showing an extremely healthy level of adoption. As with all Provalido’s customers, Sapa continues to play an active role in suggesting further enhancements and new functionality within the Tracker.

Peter den Dikken, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing at Sapa said:

“The Provalido Savings Tracker has greatly enhanced the way we report our savings, giving us more control, efficiency, visibility and credibility. The service and collaborative approach that has accompanied the SaaS solution has also been outstanding, and I would whole-heartedly recommend Provalido to any organisation looking to upgrade their savings tracking technology and process.”

Paul Gurr, Managing Director at Provalido said:

“We are delighted to count Sapa among our customer base. They have a thoughtful and progressive approach to measuring procurement savings and their valued input continues to help our Savings Tracker evolve which benefits all our customers.”

About Sapa

Sapa A/S is the world leader in aluminium solutions, shaping a lighter future through a global reach and local presence within extrusions, building systems, and precision tubing. Sapa has 23,500 employees in more than 40 countries, with headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

For more information please visit

About Provalido

Provalido is the provider of an on-line SaaS solution that helps organisations plan, manage and report their procurement cost reduction activity. Based in the UK, Provalido has customers in 6 continents.

For more information and to find out how Provalido's Savings Tracker can transform the way you manage your savings, please visit

News: Savings Tracker Version 4.1 Live Today!

We are pleased to announce that version 4.1 of our Savings Tracker is now live. This is an incremental upgrade on the previous version and highlights include:

  • Additional Quick Buttons on the home page to take you straight into creating a project or managing your approvals.
  • Simplified approval functionality. Approvers can now see all their pending approvals in one list and are presented with an Approval Summary Report for each project, providing all the information needed to make an approval in one place.
  • Customised project creation process. Clients can now more easily select which information should be completed by their users when creating projects and in what order this should be presented.
  • Two new types of custom field have been added – number and multi-select dropdown. You can also now change the display order of custom fields.
  • Various minor improvements to the reporting including grand totals on project reports and the addition of countries as a filter.

Most of these enhancements are the result of direct feedback from our customers and help to make our Savings Tracker easier to use than ever. If you’re not a customer, contact us today to find out how our Tracker could transform your cost reduction planning, management and reporting.


News: Savings Tracker Version 4.0 Now Live!

We’re delighted to announce another major upgrade to our class-leading Savings Tracker as it continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Highlights of the new version are:

  • A new reporting engine that provides over 2,000 variations of reports with an intuitive report-building interface.
  • Enhanced drill-down capability to get right into the detail of where your savings are coming from.
  • A fully configurable dashboard on the Home Page enabling you to see exactly the information you need each time you log-in.
  • Numerous other usability improvements to make creating and updating your savings projects easier than ever before.

If keeping your savings planning and reporting up to date is giving you a headache, take a look at our Tracker and see how easy it could be to get instant visibility and control of all your cost reduction activity. Take a free 30 day trial or ask us for a full demo today.

The Provalido Savings Tracker is an on-line solution that enables organisations to plan, manage and report their cost reduction activity in one easy-to-use tool. It’s suited to all sizes and types of organisation and is currently being enjoyed by customers in over 30 countries.

News: Savings Tracker version 3.0 now live!

We’re pleased to announce Version 3.0 of our Savings Tracker is now live. This features numerous enhancements including:

  • Master Projects. Create and administer multiple local projects at once within a Master view. This is ideal for centrally led projects that are being implemented / monitored across multiple locations.
  • Optional link between Approvals and Project Status. It’s now possible to make Project Statuses contingent on certain Approval Types. For example, if your process dictates that users must have approval before savings become realised, then it’s easy to create and link a Savings Approval to the relevant Project Status.
  • Advanced Admin Reporting. The Savings Tracker now allows administrators to view log-in activity of users as well as when each project was last updated in order to monitor usage of the tool.

There have been many other tweaks to make the Tracker more user friendly than ever, including additional short-cuts to speed up navigation and enhanced help text to clearly explain each field.

If you’d like to see all this in action, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be delighted to give you a tour.

The Provalido Savings Tracker is a cloud-based solution that helps organisations plan, manage and report their cost reduction activity in one easy-to-use tool. For more information please visit or call +44 (0) 20 3287 7607.