Managing your savings pipeline just got easier than ever as we release version 5.3 of our Savings Tracker this week. All our customers automatically receive the new version and can immediately use the added functionality.

At Provalido we’re not ashamed to say that we lean heavily on our customers to shape the future of our Savings Tracker. Almost all our upgrades come from ideas and suggestions made by our global user-base of more than 1,800 procurement and finance professionals. One of the reactions we often get from customers when we discuss pending changes is “We hadn’t thought of that but we would find that really useful!”. That’s the beauty of using a cloud based system where everyone benefits from an idea, whether it originated in your organisation or not, and best practise can quickly spread across the user community.

Highlights in this upgrade include the ability to configure and save multiple dashboards (both personal and organisation-wide), greater flexibility when managing project plans, improved reporting capabilities and an easier workflow. We’ve also added some more control functions for admin users so you can tailor your environment even further.

Although our Savings Tracker is now far more advanced than the original version 1.0 that we released back in May 2014, we have always been guided by two key principles. Keep it simple, and keep it flexible. Despite the generous functionality it’s now easier to create and manage projects than it was in the first version, and the system remains incredibly versatile so that no matter how you manage and report your savings, our Tracker can fit to your process.

If you’re still using spreadsheets to manage your cost reduction, or if you have another system that’s hard to use or not giving you exactly what you need, please do get in touch. We’re always happy to chat and provide a demo of our system so you can see for yourself just how it could help your organisation, and of course we hope that you too can help shape our future developments!