We are pleased to announce that version 4.1 of our Savings Tracker is now live. This is an incremental upgrade on the previous version and highlights include:

  • Additional Quick Buttons on the home page to take you straight into creating a project or managing your approvals.
  • Simplified approval functionality. Approvers can now see all their pending approvals in one list and are presented with an Approval Summary Report for each project, providing all the information needed to make an approval in one place.
  • Customised project creation process. Clients can now more easily select which information should be completed by their users when creating projects and in what order this should be presented.
  • Two new types of custom field have been added – number and multi-select dropdown. You can also now change the display order of custom fields.
  • Various minor improvements to the reporting including grand totals on project reports and the addition of countries as a filter.

Most of these enhancements are the result of direct feedback from our customers and help to make our Savings Tracker easier to use than ever. If you’re not a customer, contact us today to find out how our Tracker could transform your cost reduction planning, management and reporting.