We are excited to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Odesma Ltd, an innovative new business advisory company who are taking the SaaS model a step further. Here's the official press release:

Odesma Ltd are pleased to announce their partnership with Provalido Ltd, providers of a market leading savings tracking SaaS solution. The agreement will give Odesma, its customers and network the opportunity to utilise a best of breed tool for planning, managing and reporting their cost reduction activity.

Paul Gurr; Founder of Provalido Ltd said:  Odesma are mould breakers pursuing value improvement from excellence in third party spend management founded on the principles of the cloud and the SaaS World. The Provalido solution will allow Odesma’s customers and delivery team to actively manage and track savings from third party spend management. We are delighted to be partnering with a new breed of advisory firm.

Ed Cross; Managing Director, Odesma Ltd stated: Provalido’s savings tracker combines ease of use with the high levels of flexibility and functionality demanded by companies at the leading edge of savings reporting. Provalido’s substantial procurement experience is evident in the way the tool has been designed, making it extremely practical for both small and large organisations.

Odesma is a new breed of advisory business. Whose goal is to help clients create immediate and sustainable improvements in the performance of their business. This is done through a combination of experience and application of the best talent and technology in the market. Business & procurement solutions are enabled through the unique Procurement PeopleCloud TM.  

Provalido Ltd is a young company dedicated to providing the very best in procurement savings tracking technology by offering a cloud based tool that is easy to learn, enjoyable to use, flexible for different needs and useful to multiple areas of the business. 

For further information, please contact:

Odesma Ltd                                              Provalido Ltd

Ed Cross, Co-Founder                             Paul Gurr, Founder

Steve Trainor , Co-Founder

Tel: 0161 433 7833                                   Tel: 020 3287 7607

www.odesma.co.uk                                  www.provalido.com